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This is a character of mine I had for an old story based off of warrior cats and if you're wondering then yes, she looks a lot like cinder in spyro mainly because I thought she was cool. This character was suppose to be the one of the main character's mother.
Bluebellied Meganium, Bayleef and Chickorita
The Bluebellied Meganium line is an uncommon sight and most notable for, well their blue bellies. Males have a darker blue violet flower and the females have a more purple violet flower. They are slightly bigger than the other breeds and are normally found in colder climates, much like their ancestors Aurorus they have are the best for battling defense wise being a bit stronger than the other types.
Striped Meganium, Bayleef and Chickorita
Striped Meganium and their previous evolutions are semi common, mainly sought out for contests, the females being even more so for their uniquely curled stripes. Other than that they relatively the same, the males have added color to their flower, being any shade of orange and the females have any shade of purple. The males are slightly more aggressive than their common counterparts, mainly for their mates or young Chickorita's which are easily identifiable as to what their genders are when first hatched.
Chikorita, Bayleef and Meganium
The standerd Meganium line is the most common and oddly enough a descendants of the once extinct fossil Pokemon Aurorus. This spices had slowly evolved from their icy cousins and into the sun loving plant type pokemon shrinking in size and becoming Johto grass starter. These creatures are for the most part peaceful unless you mess with them or their herd/trainers or children. However just like their icy relatives their predator evolved with them, from Tyrantrum to Tyranitar they used to have been hunted upon by them, however with the even greater amount of Pokemon in the world Tyranitars prefer easier, smaller prey. The males of this Pokemon have a more vibrant and darker color than the females do, along with longer antennas.

Id like to thank Diana for this drawing that helped me with this, especially Chickorita, that was difficult trying to get it to look like sauropod with it's stubby, cubby self, which I adore because it is cute but not great for well semi realistic drawings.…
A Trainer's begin by inuyeah

Okay I don't know how people make a picture and then write about a story. Anyway this is a story about an oc I created in the Pokémon world when I joined a game called PokeFarm Q. So here is the story, in my journal entry but whatever. Also it'd be more accurate to say that this picture should be in the second chapter rather than than this one. 

In the world of Pokémon there lives marvelous creature with magical powers. People who live in certain regions are able to obtain one of three starter Pokémon as soon as they turned 17. This new law was in place after so many ten year olds got into dangerous situations and since then young kids were no longer put into such dangers. This story starts in place in a region know as Johto, here a soon to be 17 year will begin her Pokémon journey, she is known as Chloe Greenburg. Chloe is an average 16 year old who can't wait to turn 17, well she as average as you can get, when her grandfather is professor Elm, it has been many years since the famous Pokémon trainer Ash Katchem went on his own Pokémon journey. Her mother, professor Elm's daughter, is a famous for being one of the bakers in the Pokémon world and a famous herbalist, growing many plants to help people with minor ailments. Even her father was famous, he use to be a famous actor in the Pokémon world, sadly though he passed away when Chloe was 5 years old. 

Chloe slept on her bed, today was the day before her birthday, the last day she will live in New Bark Town for a while, in her room the backpack she was going to bring along was stuffed to the brim with cloths, first aid kit, and other items she though she'd need along the way. The door to Chloe's bedroom soon opened up and through it came a Bayleef named Basil it grinned as it jumped on the bed and tore the blanket off Chloe to wake her up. 
"Bay!" He shouted as Chloe squeezed her eyelids and moaned, she still wanted to sleep in, when Basil stuck his head near hers. 
"Bay!" He shouted, this time Chloe woke up at the sudden noise and looked at Basil. 
"Alright, alright I'm up, now get off." She said, looking at Basil as he wagged his tail like Growlithe, she sat up and rubbed his head with a grin as got up and put her sheets back on the bed. She left her room and headed to the bathroom, to take a shower and do other hygienic morning routines. Afterwards she put up her hair and headed over to her nightstand, on it was a silver locket with a hot pink heart in the middle, she got from her dad, whenever she opened two pictures would show, and change the longer it was open, like a picture show. If she ever wanted to change the picture all she had to do was take the memory chip, which was what the pink heart was, and upload different photos. When the scent of waffles and berries came up stairs Chloe grinned, her mom must have finished making breakfast, and anything her mom made was amazing. Hurrying down stairs she walked to the kitchen, and sure enough her mother was there, with ten plates, which she knitted her eye brows together at that number, there was one too many. When her mother turned around she smiled, Chloe looked a lot like her, with her brown wavy hair, but Chloe had her father's blue eyes instead of her mothers hazel. 
"Oh good your up, can you set the table please? Basil went off to tell the others that breakfast is done." Her mom said, and by other she meant that her other Pokémon, they all ate meals together, though it was on different tables, the one for the Pokémon was lower than theirs. Chloe obeyed and made multiple trips, at least the Pokémon didn't use silverware, when all the plates were set she heard a knock at the door and watched mom exit the kitchen when Chloe went pour juice into their cups, and bowls for the Pokémon. That's when her mother's Pokémon and Basil entered the room, one was a Meganium, Vaporeon, Slyveon, Leafeon, a Red Florges and finally a Tropius came into the dinning room, since Chloe's house was large enough to house Pokémon of that size. Chloe soon understood the reason for the extra plate when professor Elm walked through the door carrying a rather large bag. 
"Hi grandpa!" Chloe said with a grin as she went to hug him, mindful of the bag. 
"It's nice to see you too, so are you excited about tomorrow?" He said as the went to take their seats at the table. 
"I sure am, I can't wait to explore the world." She said with a grin as her mom looked at Chloe and Professor Elm with a warm smile. 
"Well no one can explore anything on an empty stomach, so let's eat shall we?" Chloe's mom said as everyone started eating. 
"Anyway Chloe where do you plan to go?" He asked Chloe while she took a bite of her berry topped waffles, it was amazingly sweet and slightly sour, she almost forgot she was asked a question. 
"Oh I plan to go everywhere, to all six regions." Chloe said as her grandpa grinned, clapping his hand together. 
"Well that's a good goal, I'm too old to travel around now, but back in my day access to the other regions was a difficult task, well except for going to Kanto, otherwise it was terribly difficult. I myself only went to Kanto, and slightly later on Hoenn for research, what I wouldn't give to study the newly found Pokémon." He went on as Chloe smiled, it was nice to see him so talkative, they ate the rest of their meal, sharing stories they all had about family gatherings. After the dishes where in the washer Chloe's grandfather approached her with his warm smile, he pushed his glasses up his nose and cleared his throat. 
"Follow me Chloe I want to show you something." He said as Chloe tilted her head and proceeded to follow professor Elm to the living room table where three egg holders sat, and in each of those where the eggs of Johto's starter Pokémon; Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Totodile. Chloe's eyes widened as she looked at them with a grin before looking back at her grandfather, Basil also joined them as he looked at the eggs with curiosity. 
"Oh cool are these the eggs I get to pick one from?" Chloe asked as professor Elm nodded.   
"Now I know your birthday's tomorrow but I find it more rewarding to hatch a Pokémon on your own, so since you're my granddaughter I want to give you you're first Pokémon, since there isn't any other birthdays for a week, I can ask that another one be brought here." He said as Chloe looked at him before looking at the Pokémon, one of them soon to be hers, while she loved many Pokémon she knew that she wasn't going to pick Cyndaquil, since she liked Totodile and Chikorita more. 
"Bay?" Basil said looking at the Chikorita egg, Chloe smiled and rubbed his head. 
"Yes Basil, you where once in an egg like that." She said with a smile as the Bayleef grinned, boy she sure was going to miss Basil, she had known him all her life, and had so many fond memories of the ever so trusting Bayleef she knew growing up. She would miss him, while her mother's Meganium was also cool she was closer to Basil, so Chloe looked at the Chikorita egg and  pointed to it, so when she started her journey with her Chikorita she could look at her companion and remember home. 
"Can I have the Chikorita?" Chloe said as her grandad went to sit on on the couch. 
"Of course my dear, I had a feeling you would anyway, since you're mother and father started out with one." Her grandfather said with a smile as he picked up the Chikorita egg holder and handed it to Chloe, and put the other two in a large bag, checking them before they were set in. Chloe took a seat and looked at her grandpa as Basil went over to look at the egg, professor Elm reset his glasses on his face.
"So how do I do this?" Chloe said as professor Elm looked at the egg in it's holder, he opened the case and took out it's bedding, which turned out to be a blanket, which he wrapped around the egg.  
"You need to make sure that egg is kept warm and dry, a good way to keep it the right temperature is to hold it. If it starts shaking and making noises then you'll know it'll hatch soon, just don't drop it." He said as Chloe nodded, it looked like all was good for it right now, but Chloe was going to keep a good eye on it. She sat on the couch for a few more moments as her grandfather started to nod off, and soon he was asleep, it wasn't long until she got up and headed out to the garden, taking the egg with her as Basil followed behind her. 
The garden was in her backyard, and her mother's Pokémon often worked on it on there own, sometimes she helped them and her mother with this task. Once in a while she would see wild Pokémon sneak into her yard to pick some berries of the push, and Butterfrees would often visits this place along with a few Pidgys now and again. Chloe glanced to the right where a large fence covered up by vines and hedges stood, connecting to her mother's herbal shop, which use to be a tool shed when her parents settled down, but now it stores herbs that work when dried. 
Other than the beauty of this garden Chloe also loved the smell, since a lot of the herbs here where also flowers. Which they also sold, though her mother specialized in herbs she grew many other types of plants, as long as it was legal in Johto and Kanto, since they lived close to both of those regions. Chloe was snapped out of her thoughts when she heard the bell to the shop ring, when her mother wasn't there she was the one who did the selling, if she knew the plant they needed. She quickly made her way over to the shop trailed by Basil, she got her key to open the back door, letting Basil go through as well before closing it again, making sure she didn't drop the egg. When she turn around she saw one of her friends, she has long black hair and green eyes, she was wearing a blue shirt with a Luvdis on it, she was a year younger than she was but she often came for Oran berries, or a little bags of dried herbs used to make a nice scent, Chloe unlocked and pulled up the metal bars from the wind that kept people from getting into the shop. 
"Hey Chloe I just wanted to get another herb bag with some cinnamon scents, that and I wanted to see if you where free, like right now, so we can hang out one last time for a while. Oh hey what are you holding?" Said the girl, who's name happened to be Emily. 
"Sure just hold on." She said as she looked under the counter and saw the item she wanted. 
"That would be $3.00, and I am free now, and I'll tell you in a moment." She said as Emily passed her the money and she passed her the bag. 
"One second though." She added as she looked up and brought down the metal bars and locked it back up and put up the closed sign she then went to the door that lead to the outside world, letting Basil out so he could come as she held the egg with one hand. 
"Okay Emily this is a Pokémon egg of my first Pokémon." She grinned as her friend smiled. 
"Oh that's so cool, you got it already?" Emily said excitement, she too was going to go on her first Pokémon adventure in a year, Chloe nodded, she looked the egg, and it all seemed well. She patted Basil's head as she walked with Emily. 
"I am going to guess that it's a Chikorita egg, am I right?" Emily asked as Chloe nodded.
"Yeah good guess, so where are we going?" She grinned as Emily brought her hand to her chin, glancing around. 
"Let's go to the ice cream shop and get some ice cream, I'm buying this time." Emily said with a grin as Chloe smiled, normally she wouldn't mind doing so but her money was at home. They made their way to the shop and got a scoop of ice cream, even Basil got a little bit of ice cream, and left the shop and started towards the cloths shop when Basil became alert, glancing around like he was looking for something. 
"What is it?" Chloe asked as Emily glanced at the Pokémon as well, for now the streets where pretty empty but there was a few people walking around, that's when Basil took off. 
"Hey! Ugh please hold this." Chloe said passing her the egg, she wasn't going to risk dropping it, she took off after Basil as he headed towards a teen about her age, maybe a year older, she could see that he had black hair and was standing there with his arms crossed looking at something in a shops window, wearing a light gray long sleeved shirt with dark blue jean pants. Basil then practically tackled the boy, before she could reach him and he fell down, Basil proceeded to lick his face, his Charmelon looked at the different Pokémon, startled at first, but when it wasn't a real threat he calmed down and just watched, though his trainer commanded the Bayleef to get off this Charmelon found it to be amusing. Chloe reached the scene and grabbed Basil by the head leaf, she didn't know why he was acting this way he was certainly friendly and trusting but he never went out of his way like this for a stranger. 
"Get off Basil." Chloe said and pulled his leaf which made Basil stopped and look at Chloe with a happy smile glancing back at the stranger, who seemed to look at Basil with an I remember you look, but Chloe missed it and the teen glared at Chloe. 
"Next time princess you should keep a better eye on him if you're going to let him out of the Pokéball." He said as Chloe frowned, looking at Basil. 
"I'm sorry, he normally doesn't do that, actually he has never done that to a stranger." Chloe said with a frown, trying to figure if Basil use to know him and if she knew this person, she held out her hand to try and help him up but he got up on his own. 
"I don't need your help, just leave me alone." He said as he and his Charmelon left, Chloe turned to Basil and glared, by this time Emily made her way to them. 
"Bad Basil, you shouldn't tackle people like that, save it for your opponents." Chloe said with a frown as Basil frowned back, with a look that seemed to say I'm sorry. Chloe said and patted Basil's head. 
"Here. . . Well anyway you want to continue to the cloths shop?" She asked as Chloe nodded and the two set off and just looked at stuff, when they were finished Emily had bought a pink and white baseball cap and gave it to Chloe. 
"This is an early birthday gift, since you will start your journey tomorrow, I'll miss you." Emily said give Chloe a hug as she nodded in agreement, hugging her back, being careful of the egg though. 
"Bay!" Basil said too, as Chloe broke away from the hug and patted Basil. 
"I'll miss you too, and thanks, I'll see you when I see you." Chloe with a smile as Emily nodded and waved as she started to walk away. 
"See you." Emily said as Chloe smiled, looking at her friend before sighing, she wanted to leave yes, but she wasn't quiet sure if she wanted to be alone, of course her Pokémon would be her company but she wouldn't have minded some human company either. She headed towards home and entered her backyard through the shop changing the sign to open when she remembered that she had left her grandpa home alone. She wasn't worried about his health but she didn't want to be rude to her grandfather, leaving him in a room by himself. When she checked on him though he was still sleeping on the couch, smiling she left to go sit in the backyard again under a gazebo they had and she sat there, watching her mom's Pokémon play around as Basil sat near her and looked at the egg, making Chloe smile. When shop bell rang, sighing Chloe copied her routine from before, since her mothers Maganium was still gone, this time when she saw who it was she frowned, it was the stranger from before. 
"Oh great it's you, what are you doing here princess?" He asked as Chloe frowned, why did he call her that, especially from before, when he didn't know she lived here before. Still she moved aside the bars and looked at him, now that she was closer to him she could see that he had dark blue eyes that strangely enough seemed familiar. 
"What would you like?" Chloe asked as the stranger looked at his Charmelon and back at Chloe. 
"Just give me a bag of berries with random flavors. . . And at least a Rawst berry, or something else that's bitter." He said as Chloe nodded and looked at Basil who nodded and walked out, Chloe grabbed a few berries that where in the shop, but there wasn't much left, she put it in a bag when Basil returned with a small basket of berries and poured it in the bag. 
"Here that will be-." She was interrupted by here mom that approached them with groceries, her Meganium trailing her. 
"Jason is that you?" She asked as the stranger turned, he ran his hand through his black hair as he sighed. 
"Yeah it is Ms. Greenburg, how'd you recognize me?" He said as Chloe blinked, now she was slightly confused on what was going on, the name Jason was familiar but she couldn't recall why. 
"My older brother would be the one who gave you the Charamader, I only know this because you walked in when he was telling me who he was giving the Pokémon to, and you happened to walk in, that was nearly a year ago though." Chloe's mom said as he and his Charamelon looked at each other. 
"Chloe, Jason was the boy that came here when he was a little boy, he often fed Basil Pecha berries." Chloe's mom said with a smile as Chloe saw Jason's face turn red, now she remembered who he was, he moved out of Johto when his mother got sick, she only knew his mom passed away because her and his mom where friends and she went to attended the funeral while Chloe stayed home. 
"Don't worry about paying Jason, I actually have a favor to ask of you, Chloe can you put the groceries away please?" Her mom said as Chloe blinked but took the groceries from her mom and headed inside as she held one bag in one hand and the egg in the other, Basil helped bring the other bags. Once inside she went and checked on her grandpa, who woke up when Basil nearly knocked something over. 
"Oh did I fall asleep again? I'm sorry Chloe, do you need help?" He asked as Chloe shook her head but smiled at him. 
"Yes, but don't worry about it, why don't you read or watch TV." She said with a warm smile and headed to the kitchen and stared at her egg. 
"Basil, can you protect this and keep it warm?" She asked looking at him as he nodded, she set the egg on the floor and watched Basil curl up around it. She smiled at the pair before she started putting the groceries away and wonder why her mom got rid of her. 

"Jason I want ask you if you will look after my daughter and have her join you on your adventures, I know you two haven't talked to each other in a while but I worry for her safety, since her father and I are famous, I don't want her to get kidnapped because of me so they can hold her for ransom money and then she has to go though a terrible ordeal because of just being related to me. I could careless about the money, I will even pay you to just make sure she isn't alone and has less of a risk of being attack by someone." Ms Greenberg said as he ran his hand through his hair and let out a sigh, all he really wanted to do was collect badges all around the Pokémon world, he didn't need to watch some rich kid, but he could be paid for this too. Then again when his mom was sick, or he got injured Ms. Greenburg helped him out with her herbs, and her brother also kept an eye on him when he moved to Pallet town. 
"I guess I could, at least until she finds someone else to travel with, I really hate to take money from you-" 
"Oh don't worry about it, I want to give you something for this at least, I'm sure you have your own plans, and I'm sorry this may ruin them for you." Ms. Greenburg said with a frown as Jason sighed, since he could use the money for travel, he just hoped that Chloe wasn't going to be annoying, he looked at his Charmelon, Torch before nodding. 
"Okay I'm not going to stop you if you want to pay me." He said as Ms. Greenburg smiled warmly at him. 
"Thank you Jason, how about you have dinner with us and stay the night then in one of the guest rooms." She said in a motherly fashion that made him miss his own, but his expression didn't change and since he was going to accompany her on the journey he might as well stay with her till then. He could see where Ms. Greenburg was going with idea and to be honest he didn't really like the idea of Chloe traveling alone, he didn't know her well at all anymore but he knew her family and they were kind to him, still he didn't like the idea of babysitting someone. 
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